big changes!

hey everyone i just noticed these huge changes! After the haloween party had finsihed there was a huge construction at the dojo! I think there diggin up the dojo because theres a sign in the dojo that says dig out the dojo.

Heres what its like outside the dojo…

Underneath the sign is a strange penguin and if you click on him his player card opens and it has 6 question marks as a name??????

Also one last thing! The map has completely changed and the dojo is more noticable than it was before!

7 Responses to “big changes!”

  1. zapper903cp Says:

    hi im zapper903 from cp im a member and be sure to check out my new site!!!! and i heard about you on youtube from ur vid ebay song LOL that rocked! good job with that vid i liked it ROFL i neeed a pet rockkk! ROFLMAO

  2. Jeremy: U2dvdbono Says:

    i thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


  3. Jedlm Says:

    ull never guess its JEDLM WOOO! How is bomber

  4. graham998 Says:

    there was a field then an ice rink?

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