Online Games

Hey guys heres a page full of great online games that i’ve found! If you have any more leave a comment with the adress to the site and what its about!

1. Club Penguin!

Club Penguins a great online game you can play! It’s free as long as you stay a nonmember which means you cant edit you igloo or but new clothes from catalogs. When you join you are a penguin and when you click somewhere to walk you waddle their and also you have a chatbar underneath so you can talk to other people! But on club penguin there are moderators who ban you if you do bad things and try to keep Club Penguin as safe as possible!

To join go to

2. World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft is an amazing game thats way better than club penguin but the thing is you have to pay loads for it! Its £10 for 60 days! But when you get it its worth it and its like reality! You can get a 10 day free trial of it if you want to see if you like it. Go to

Also if you are going to get the real thing go into a gaming shop like game or ganestation and buy the CD and ask for a membership card.

3. Runescape


12 Responses to “Online Games”

  1. Peachey 32999 Says:

    i go on wow and cp but never rune scape ill try!

  2. Bigeyes506 and seamus3b Says:

    i prefured the site ages ago

  3. ????????? Says:

    psssst im goping site to site to tell something this site sucks ass

  4. club penguin Says:

    lol runescape is so gay

  5. 238472893572 Says:

    this website is suckish no affence tho ed bt it is

  6. MegaMan7888 Says:

    Lame!!!!!!!! Rocks!!!!! you get 50,000 Coins!

  7. Limpbizkit30 Says:

    i have a friend who goes on runscape and world of war craft i go on club penguin my other friends got banned forever and yea lame

  8. grozno384 Says:

    Hey!Bomber its me?Umm bomber have you got any codes of CP?
    If you got,can you give me 2 or 3 please?Thanks and please reply

  9. birddog202 Says:

    I miss the old site

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